Goals of the Organization

Goals of Our Times for Democratic Governance include:

  • To support development of democratic, open society in Georgia
  • To introduce democratic values, provide supremacy of law and respect for human rights
  • To develop civil potentiality
  • To activate practical collaboration with the local self-government for involvement of citizens
  • To make profitable environment for collaboration of the civil sector and local self-governments
  • To support civil initiatives for rising transparency and accountability of self-governing structures
  • To identify problems of self-governments
  • To rise social legal culture and consciousness; to support development of civil education
  • To share experience of international democratic governance; comparative analysis and introduction of experience.
  • Collaboration with the international civil organizations; participation in conferences and symposiums.
  • Educational activity.
  • Organization of public arrangements: training, workshops, working meetings, conferences, competitions, festivals, exhibitions and others
  • To publish researches, booklets, reports, information flyers and other similar documents
  • To receive and issue grants, humanitarian grant, donations for different purpose
  • Active involvement of the civil society in the process of election of the country, monitoring of election observing missions


  • monitoring of public activity
  • Monitoring of election campaign
  • Monitoring of spending public resources
  • other activity which isn’t allowed by the legislation and corresponds to goals of the organization.